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Are you on the first page? What? You don’t know what page I’m talking about? There is only ONE first page. At least the only one that matters when it’s about being on the internet. Would be a shame to miss it.

So, you finally finished your online store. Shoes are your specialty. It looks awesome, easy to use, easy to order and has hundreds over hundreds of nice models for your clients to choose from. You even bought some advertising credits and started a little campaign, to promote it. You’re ready to sell shoes to the whole world and be the great owner of a cool growing business. So, let the clients come! But, somehow, they don’t… Why is that?

Do you know from where do your clients actually come from? Unless you have a very big amount of money to create a generous marketing campaign, with lots of advertising and promotion, your costumers will more than sure come from the search engines. I mean Google (no offense, Bing). And of course, from the social networks, if you’re active there. Or at least it should be like that. But most of the times, it’s not. Just like in the case of neglecting the creation of a solid brand strategy, which we started covering here, the SEO campaign doesn’t get the attention and time it would deserve, from too many new business owners.

But what is this SEO thing? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and basically means exactly that: optimizing your website to meet the expectations of the search engines. To follow and respect their best practice rules, in order to make your site pretty and attractive to them. Therefore, to get ahead of your competition in the search results. To be on the first page!

Everyone wants to be on the first page in Google. But not everyone gets there. I mean, it’s a fairly complicated, long and quite difficult process to get there. There are, after all, only 10 places to be in. And to understand a little why it’s so important to be there, we need to understand first how Google works.

Let’s open Google together and look at it as at a gigantic mall in the real world. The customer gets to this mall using a bus. The bus corresponds to the search query he enters in Google’s search box. In our case, we’ll say that the bus is “buy shoes”. As soon as he gets down from the bus and the search results come, he sees an endless building of lots and lots of floors, each floor holding 10 different shoe stores or shoes related places. This represents the amount of search results pages that person got and the fact that there are 10 results on each page.


After he got out of the buss, he enters the mall, at the ground floor. Besides the 10 stores there, there are also a few commercials for other stores, situated on different floors. And just like that there is every floor, until the last one. Each floor with 10 stores, ALL of them selling shoes, just like you. Now think about this: would you open your shoe store at level 68 in a mall where there are ONLY shoe stores? Do you think there is any chance whatsoever that a customer would ever reach your store there? Totally NOT. That’s exactly why there is this great struggle to get on the first page, the ground floor, and remain there. Especially in the online shopping area, the first two pages are crucial, after that the chances drop dramatically.

But how to get there, in this absolutely true paradise which is the first page? It’s surely not an easy job, as we already established. It’s not enough to only have a good looking website, or a very good user experience, or lots of positive ratings and reviews. There are a big number of facts and factors which contribute to your search results position. And Google gets smarter and smarter with every new update they roll-out, making it almost impossible for you to trick it in any way.

There are people who will promise you great and fast results by using all kinds of cheats, “exploits” or “shortcuts”. Of course, most of them (if not all) not accepted or permitted by Google. The so-called “black hat” techniques. But if you plan to have a long-term business present in the search engines at its full potential, it’s best to avoid all these tricky schemes. Because as soon as Google catches on them (and they always do, sooner or later), your site will receive a very big penalty in its search rank, or, in severe cases, including full ban and complete removal from the search engine.

Another terrible mistake, when it’s about SEO, is to think that once you got there, on the first page, you’ll stay there forever and it will never change. It’s somehow understandable, you may think that once you managed to successfully follow all the rules and regulations, nothing can happen anymore. But it’s not like that, mostly because of the great amount of “rules and regulations” which you need to respect, details you need to take care of, campaigns you need to build and sustain. SEO is a permanent process, a process which you always need to shift, change, update and upgrade. Or you think you’re the only one who’s doing that?

We’ll cover this and all the other major aspects (like user-friendliness, social networks presence or page speed) in a long series of SEO related articles, so make sure you’ll watch this spot or follow us on our Facebook page to stay up to date. And don’t forget, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us!

Being on the first page is all that matters.