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I am an Internet Marketing addict. I like to do internet stuff. Codes, lines and optimization. All tough, strategies are my poison. What's yours?

You’re not on the internet yet? Although it’s hard to believe, there are still businesses which don’t understand the importance of being Online. But guess what, it’s still not too late! You just need to be quick, the last train is leaving the station any time soon and you’ll get stuck behind if you don’t take action NOW.

Why is it so important to be on the internet? Why do you need a website, when your business is fine without? Why would you change stuff when stuff is working just fine as it is? And why would you complicate your life with all these stuff the kids use, when your REAL audience is in the real world around you?

First of all, taking your business online is not just “having a website”. It’s a bit more than that. You can dramatically reduce costs, increase your exposure, conquer new markets and audiences, promote yourself in ways you wouldn’t even dream of with your sole offline presence.

Imagine you own a real-life-made-out-of-paper newspaper and you decide to take it online. First of all, your costs would radically decrease, from not using the paper anymore. No more printing costs, no more distribution, no more struggle with deadlines. You would be able to fix every typo in a second and instantly remove stories which prove to be false or wrong.

But most importantly, you will be able to do your job much better. The news will get to your readers IN A BLINK! As soon as you publish them. No more waiting till tomorrow or after the weekend,  you hit enter -> your readers get a notification with your breaking story.

Not to mention the fact that you’ll reach every corner of the world with your news site. Or that your readers would be able to follow the stories in real time, do extensive research into your articles database when they need to, follow only the topics they’re interested in and soooo much more.

All this, while you can get extremely creative with your marketing and advertising efforts. There are countless ways in which you can advertise on your site, different ways you can charge your readers for the content you provide, numerous monetizing capabilities.

Or maybe you own a second-hand cars dealership. Why not create a website where you can present all the cars you currently have in stock? You could add all the details there, all the pictures for each car, let the people book a drive test. You would be able to see instantly which brands of cars are more popular, what models are more interesting for your customers.

You would save a lot of time by organizing your activity, by knowing exactly what car to prepare and when. You could promote in a better way cars which are not easy to sell or make special offers which you would send in a blink to your subscribers’ list.

What about if you’re in the teaching people business? Coaching and holding your courses online has never been easier. You could add as many courses as you’d want in your online platform. Unlimited amount of people attending each of them! From payment to the actual exam, everything can be done online.

Second, change is not always a bad thing, especially when the benefits are so obvious. The risks are close to 0, if you create the right strategy, analyze all the aspects, take everything into consideration. And this doesn’t apply only to online-classic activities. Pretty much every business, entirely or large parts of it, can be automated and moved to online.

For example, is helping the development of the very first digital lawyers’ office. ByTheLaw will be the place where the law is getting automated, where we’ll move online most of the administrative activities and chores. So you can save precious time and resolve your legal problems on the way to work or when you’re getting bored at the Sunday family dinner.

Third, in case you didn’t notice, the internet is EVERYWHERE. Go out and look for yourself. In the subway or bus, in the car at the stop, in the bars and restaurants, in the parks and on the sidewalks, in the waiting lines, EVERYONE is with their smartphones in their hands, navigating the world wide web. Young or old, rich or poor, highly educated or not, all races, all genders, all religions.

So, if everyone is on the internet, if your audience is there, where are YOU? Let’s talk about it.