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I am an Internet Marketing addict. I like to do internet stuff. Codes, lines and optimization. All tough, strategies are my poison. What's yours?

“Make 100$/day with no work in just 3 easy steps and get some of that internet money”, the commercial says. “Buy our eBook for $19.99 and learn the secrets of the most successful internet gurus who make millions every month”, it continues. This is, by far, one of the oldest scams on the internet. And, as always, still fooling a countless amount of people. Even today, right now, as you read this.

So, you heard that people make real money on the internet. You look at all the internet billionaires, like Mark and Larry and Bill and you surely would like to be one of them. Wouldn’t you? Honestly, who wouldn’t?! Even more since John Smith, your brand new Facebook friend, invited to join this group full of chances and possibilities.

Wow, look at all those people making lots of money from home, without doing much. They all have proofs, all of them have pictures next to nice cars, or from exotic places, all of them thanking some highly illuminated person which showed them the path to fame and glory. So you go and quit your job as a fireman and you’re up and running, ready to kill it, to be the next internet success story.

*NOTE! The video is an example ONLY, coming from a long-dead website. Please don’t follow.

So you pick this one, your friend John highly recommended it. He told you how he made tens of thousands of dollars with it, how he turned from being a poor factory worker into the great internet marketer he is today. He showed you pictures of some bank balances showing tens of transactions, all of them coming from his happy costumers who are coming back for more and more and more… And all this, without doing much, from the comfort of his home, few hours a day, following 3 very simple and easy steps that anyone can do.

“Niche hyper-loop exploit – the ultra-secretive scheme that will change your life FOR E VER” is the program, John says. You just need to buy the money making plan, which includes the magic money making eBook and the ticket to join the community. And here’s the best part of it all: not only that you’ll make tons of money with the things you learn from the book, but you can also RESELL it. You will earn money every time someone buys it from you and ALSO, pay attention now, when the people who bought it from you sell it further.

And you finally get the book. Well, “book”. It’s just a 16 pages PDF file written with a very large font in which it’s written that you need to find a niche no one else had thought about before and which people actually really REALLY need in their life and this thing will bring you a LOT of money. Also, 4 pages of 16 are with titles or blank and 2 more are with advertising to other products and services that you will “need” for this thing, some free (but completely useless), most of them with payment (and pretty much the same useless).

So after a few days in which you try to figure it out, you eventually and naturally give up. You think you’re just not made for this specific kind of work. But hey, you think, you can still sell it to others and still enjoy all that money. Why not let others work for you, right? Right? Well, surprise, weeks pass and you’re not able to sell that piece of crap to anyone, besides your bother in law, who bought it out of mercy.

So what went wrong, you ask yourself. Maybe that was not the right one for you. Maybe you should search for a different one. But you saw all the proof, all the cars, all the money these people have. It must be done, it has to be, you saw it. Next time it will work, right? Actually, no, it won’t. And even if it will, it still won’t.


Let’s pause for a minute and think about something. Imagine you found yourself a way to make 100$/day. A very secret and bulletproof way to make this kind of money and you actually make them, without much stress or hassle. Would you sell this secret to someone else for 19.99$, someone who can make it completely public, therefore not a secret anymore, therefore a very potential loss for you, due to harsh competition and misbehave?

If you would do that, it means you’re either a bit dumb and you don’t understand what business is or means. Therefore, i wouldn’t trust you to give me any business related advises or to follow your ideas. Or, quite contrary, you’re only trying to sell me some crap. Something that you know already that it doesn’t work and never will.

If you would really find that magic 100$/day thing, you wouldn’t sell it to others. Or at least not for scrap. You would use it and try to make the best out of it, replicate it yourself and make 100.000.000/day using that exploit. By hiring a team of people and squeeze it till its last drop. Because that’s exactly what Mark and Larry and Bill did. They didn’t sell their ideas to others, they worked on them and created the empires they own now. Not overnight, not “fast”, not without huge amounts of work and patience.

But it’s funny, at the same time, because these tricks and schemes actually work. For the people which create them, of course. And not in the way you would expect them to work. These MLM (multi-level marketing) “gurus” actually make a huge amount of money. All because there are people like you, people who want to make money very fast, without thinking first. And it’s not even quite evil as you may think, as this moment.

It works like this: the “guru” “creates” a “product”. 99.99% of the time, the “product” is a piece of useless garbage, reshaped content from other sources. Not able to use, not made to follow, not designed to actually do something. It only has a very peculiar name, a cool description and lots eye-catching phrases, names, titles, images, graphics and so. Its only purpose is to make people buy it, but not to actually use it. Think about it as a Ferrari look-alike car, but built on a wooden chassis, just to be showed in the dealer’s shop.

Now, the “guru” (we’ll call him “original creator guru”, OCG) takes this “product” and distributes it to others. Pretty often, other “gurus”, just like him. They become his “first-level team”. For every copy of the “product” they sell, they receive half of its price. The other half goes to the OCG, the “original creator guru”. But all the “first-level team” members can make their own “team”, the “second-level team”. For every copy the “second-level team” members sell, the “second-level team” seller responsible of the sell gets 50% of the price, the “first-level”  member in charge of the “second-level team” gets 25% of the price and the OCG gets the rest. And the “second-level team” members can make their own “teams” as well, the “third-level team”, and so on and on.


And then, at the end, we have the OCG in the top of a huge pyramid of people. People from which he earns something every time they sell the product he created. And it works very well for him and 2-3 layers under him, they all make a lot of money out of it, if the product’s story is made well (the story, not the product itself). The higher you are in the pyramid, the more money you earn. The lower you are, the less profit you gain. And of course, most of the people, the biggest part, don’t get any cent out of it.

And actually, this could be the essence of marketing, in its coldest and most cynical way. That’s why all these pyramid-type schemes, which are very easily transformed into Ponzi schemes or Matrix schemes and back, are very close to the limit of the law and very fast move over that limit, therefore being forbidden. That’s why many of these “gurus” end up in jail, bankrupt and losing everything due to greed or sloppy strategies. A directory with much more information about the scams and confidence tricks you can find on Wikipedia here.

This article is not a rant against multi-level marketing. There are a few companies, like TupperwarePartyLite or Avon, which brought MLM to an art level. They have millions of happy customers and they generate very good income for the people in their networks. But they only work because they sell REAL products. Good quality things that people actually need and use! No schemes, no tricks, no double-crossing people!

In the end, just remember one thing: if it seems too good to be true, it actually is. 99.(9)% times. There is no getting rich overnight on the internet, without hard work, unless you cheat or steal or lie and deceive others. Nobody will give you the key to success for 19.99$. It just doesn’t work like that.

What are your experiences in this matter? Did you ever got scammed or fooled by any of these schemes? Are there any of them now, still? Let us know in the comments below.

What are you willing to do to get that internet money?