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I am an Internet Marketing addict. I like to do internet stuff. Codes, lines and optimization. All tough, strategies are my poison. What's yours?

“Ya ya yeah, another marketing blog, tell me something new… There are hundreds out there, all with the same crappy advises that you can never apply, same people trying to trick you to get your money, same old same old. Been there, done that a few times.” That’s what you think, right? And who can blame you?

But what if we are different? What if? Can it be that we don’t want to give you a free eBook with the same reshaped content over and over, that you find anywhere else on the planet, in a way to trick you to register for receiving our newsletter?

We won’t use the marketingchinese slang-language that pretty much no one understands (if you’re actually Chinese, read that as marketingrussian and if you’re actually a Chinese who knows Russian (or the other way around), read that as marketingklingonian (sorry, Lieutenant Worf)) unless we actually EXPLAIN the terms to you. No churn, no ROI, no CTR here and there and everywhere.

“Follow us, it’s (actually) good for you!”

— tl;dr

We won’t try to sell you stuff that you don’t need. Promise. Unless a few stuff that you ACTUALLY need (we’re still, after all, marketers. Good ones, though). But we won’t stress you with them. They’ll be there, just in case you’ll need them. Because we have to eat too, no? No?

And we’ll actually try to explain you some stuff in this blog. Not in the way that we understand it, but in the way that you will understand it. So you can actually learn something, something that can help you in your business further. Or it can help you protect yourself better from scams or people who always try to trick you and gain something out of you. Or to understand how some things work and why they are the way they are.

The Blog. Yay!

So, we’ll talk about marketing, advertising, branding and some other few -ings like that. We’ll work to debunk a few myths and try to understand why they’re wrong, or, quite the contrary, why they’re correct. Like the yellow lights which are placed over the veggies stand in the supermarket. Do you know why they are only there and in the rest of store there are only white lights? Of course, they will tell you that the white light is bad for the veggies, that it harms them and make them “die” faster. But actually, it’s a nice little marketing trick, all in all. The yellow light makes the colors look warmer, nicer, specially when we talk about red, yellow and green. A tomato will always look better under a yellow light, even if we don’t make a conscious distinction. And when it looks better, you feel more like buying it. Boom, Marketing!

So, what do you say? Will you give it a try? You have nothing to lose. Literally nothing. You may even learn a thing or two. Or help yourself teaching the others, by involving in the discussion. We’ll love to hear from you, and when you feel like asking something, please don’t hesitate. We’re here to help. Welcome to the Blog!

Let the Marketings begin!

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